Fondue Bourguignonne

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A relaxing evening in a rustic-urban-atmosphere; Fondue Bourguignonne arranged by the different flavors of the participants, the sound of a small flame, the smell of cooked meat and delicious sauces paired with a good glass of wine makes you feel comfortable and at home. We place the “hot pot” on the table with boiling hot superior oil. You skewer the raw meat on your metal special fondue-fork and then spit-roast it in the “hot pot”. The minces get crispy but delicately cooked.

“Kisag” gas burners; it is all about the right devices and real farm-fresh ingredients

When your meat is not crispy and juicy, often an ordinary burner was used. The “hot pot” needs to be boiling hot and you need superior oil. We at Wiler32 use “Kisag” gas burners they keep your pot easily hot. We also pre-heat our pots in this way your “hot pot” is really hot and stays glowing hot. Your minces get crispy and delicately cooked. We serve several delicious sauces, they vary sometimes but the “Cocktail-” and a “Garlic-” sauce are served always. You are welcome to advice us your favorite sauce, Ivo will be happy to arrange the desired sauce for you. We serve complementary vinegar onions and pickles. If you would like to upgrade your menu with the delicious so-called “mustard-fruits”, tell us, we will be happy to serve you this. We always use the best superior oil. The meat is char cut from fillet.  We value every detail and any option and also the eye needs satisfaction. Our goal is to pamper you.

À discretion and stressless

IMG 9518There is no need to stress, if you would like to take a break, just turn down the heat of the gas burner. We serve the Fondue Bourguignonne on an “all you can eat” base, so you get as much meat as you need. The quality of the meat stays, needless to say, the same.

How to find us

  • Wilerstrasse 32
    8193 Eglisau, Switzerland

Near: Zürich, Waldshut-Tiengen, Bülach, Winterthur, Schaffhausen


  • +41 76 436 11 12
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Opening hours

Fr-Sa from 5 PM
Su-Th upon request

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